Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Book Cover Judger's Anonymous

I think I might need some help. Maybe I should found a new program, for those out there like myself, called "Book Cover Judger's Anonymous."

No, I'm not talking about people here. I'm talking about book covers.

Let's face it, we all are guilty of book cover judging. If we weren't, there'd be no industry involved in, specializing in, dealing with, marketing for.... BOOK COVER DESIGN.

I can tell you that while I know the age old saying about not judging a book by its cover rings home with me, regarding people and prejudices, I do find myself passing up books simply by the art on the outside. Is it terrible? Probably. Am I missing out on some incredible novels...? Probably. Can I change it about myself? Probably, but I enjoy the book covers of the novels I choose. Some, having detailed art of scenes from the book, help me connect with the story as I recall that glossy picture on the cover. Other's leave so much mystery that the art, or lack there of, helps build the intrigue surrounding the story within.

So, on to my questions.

1. If you are a published author, did you care about your book cover design? What influenced you to choose the cover you went with?
2. If you are an aspiring author, do you have any ideas for design? Are you a simplistic person, or do you want something that screams "oooh ooh pick me," on the front of your book?
3. And last, as readers, are you guilty of passing up a book simply because the cover just didn't do it for you?


CKHB said...

I'm more likely to avoid a book based on title than cover, but yes. I have been known to judge a book by its cover. I have an idea for the design of my book, and a friend of mine actually designed a mock cover for me that I was able to print at LuLu.com! (NOT self-publishing, just printing 5 copies for family/beta readers.)

I enjoyed The Kite Runner but haven't picked up the author's 2nd novel because the cover is SO similar to the first that it feels like the whole book must be a cheap knock-off of the original.

Tamara Hart Heiner said...

yes, to all of the above! A cover is so important. I don't really know what I want. I just kind of feel like I'll know it when I see it. But I do tend to choose books whose cover 'speaks' to me.

Voidwalker said...

CKHB: That's funny (About Kite Runner) I guess you have to wait for it to be reprinted with a new cover to find out just what happened next LOL :)

Tamara: "Yes, to all the above," made me smile. I guess yoou are going to have to join my Book Cover Judger's Anonymous group hehe

David J. West said...

My cover has been changed about 3 times and I am finally happy with the one you see on my blog.

I was very concerned about it-but most of the time outside of self-publishing you will have no control at all. Thats not always a bad thing, sometimes "they" have a better sense of what will catch a readers attention than an author.

I have deliberately held off reading some good books because I didn't like the cover and sometimes picked up horrible books because they had great covers. I love good art but it's always a shame to me when a great cover is on a lousy book-or a great book has a lousy cover.