Thursday, February 11, 2010

5 Soul Journey

I want to try to stay afloat by posting something during this busy time, so I'll post this poem. It was a poem that my group members and I put together in our creative writing class. Each of the 5 of us in the group got to write a line of poetry, but were only allowed to see the line just above ours. So, none of us knew what the rest was writing in the poem, except for the last line written. We all got to contribute 2 lines total. This is the poem that we ended up with. I was VERY excited to see how well it turned out. I call it "5 Soul Journey," though we didn't officially name it.

I glisten at images of her,
Waves of regret burn a whole in my soul,
There is a fine line between pleasure and pain.
So let us strip these sheets and begin this game.,
Leave our homes and travel west by plane.

Escaping the inevitable yet deserved fate,
It’s a joyful thing breaking free,
Finally escaping from what felt like the chains of hell,
With sin in my dust, I gravitate toward righteousness,
I bow my head, fold my arms, and travel forth to unknown lands.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Really Don't Need This

So, our office normally handles a call load of about 5,000 calls per month between a few of us that work them, and we just took over another family practice office which has their own call load of approximately 6-7k calls per month.

Wouldn't be so bad if we operated the same, but our two offices do things VERY differently, so my co-workers and I are attempting to learn a new system, AND accommodate all the new calls coming in. Needless to say, with my marriage coming up, I really don't need this extra stress right now.


I need my job and I like my job, so I'll just have to suck it up and deal with it.

Only reason I'm able to type this right now is, because I'm on lunch. So, I'll probably be posting even less than I expected in the next two weeks or so.

Sorry again if I can't catch up on everything you all are posting. I've got a full plate, but I'll try to as soon as things calm down here. Stay tuned.