Friday, January 29, 2010

A Literary Exercise

With much vexation of heart, I announced boldly to my body that it was time once again to get back into my exercise routine. I happen to have a physical therapy department at my office where I'm allowed to use it after all patients are done being seen for the day. In the department, they have many different exercise machines to help rehabilitate injured patients. One such machine is our good ol' friend, the treadmill. As I jumped on Mr. treadmill and set it to a hearty 3 incline and 3 miles per hour (Yes Grandma, you do in fact move faster than that in your wheelchair) I noticed a letter that was posted on the wall not 15 feet away from me. The letter contained a phrase that went something like this:

"Those who do not find time to exercise now, will have to find time for illness later."

I couldn't believe it, not only would I get a physical workout, (Yes Grandma 3 miles per hour does get MY heart going these days, geez, get off my back would ya) but I'd also get a mental one as I mused on this phrase. I thought of any way I could apply that to my writing world so that I could come back and astound everyone with a deep philosophical blog post. Then it hit me, faster and harder than a shoe being thrown at the president in contempt. I realized that it could be a fun activity to ask my readers to either comment back how this phrase could apply to their writing world, or ask them to post on their own sites an example of how it could apply.

So, here's where you come in.

1. Post back a comment to me explaining how you can apply the above quote to your writing life.


2. Write a post on your blog explaining the same thing and asking your own readers to do the same.

I'd love to see some of the concepts you guys/gals come up with.


Jonathon Arntson said...

I choose option 1.

If you sit down to write a novel, without taking appropriate steps ahead of time, plot map, brainstorms, character profiles, etc., then you will find yourself crazy in a few weeks or months, when you cannot figure out why your novel isn't brilliant.

So, no brain exercises now equals a sick head later.

Also, exercise your fingers. An eight thousand word day on out of shape fingers hurts for a week. Don't ask about the 8 thou, I am not sure how I did that.

Catherine Denton said...

Rejections now and book later; or no chances and nothing later.
Winged Writer

Bane of Anubis said...

As an ex gym-rat, I'll flip the coin and say that too much exercising can also lead to burn out. Like everything, remember balance.

Girl with One Eye said...

Oh Bane is right, don't burn out. But I pick option two. It will make a for a good post and since I have a personal trainer, boxing coach and live a the gym I can TOTALLY link my two favorite loves, writing and exercise.

BTW, 3 miles per hour? Seriously Void? Oh sigh, I had such hopes for you and now you just ruined my image of you. Lie to me Void, tell you ran a 7 minute mile. Mmmmm.

Voidwalker said...

Jonathon: Nice points. I like it! 8k words on one sitting huh? How many energy drinks did that one take? :)

Catherine: Simple yet true.

Bane: It is sooo true, there IS too much of a good thing. Moderation is key.

GWOE: Well, I'm a former exercising junkie (only lost touch in the last year), sooo, I know full well what will happen if I jump back into my old routine without first breaking myself back in. So, if it makes you feel better, yes I plan on doing the 7 minute mile here very soon, but I don't want to kill myself on day 1. I have to ease into it. :)

Sophie Playle said...

'I was wondering how to apply this to my writing for a blog post when it hit me - I'll get my readers to apply it to the theme of writing for me!' -- haha, I'm sorry, I couldn't resist ;)

I like Catherine's version.

My brain is a bit dead today. So I'm going to be lazy and not attempt one.

Stephanie Thornton said...

I'm going to agree with Bane- burn out is bad. I exercise five days a week and write every day, but sometimes I need a day or two break. Or several weeks, if we're talking about editing.

Michele Emrath said...

Oooh! Oooh! I choose option #2! How fun! But I have to agree with GWOE (my fellow Tennessee girl), 3mph? And she's still gonna marry ya'?


Elana Johnson said...

You're evil. Yeah, because if you don't write well now (exercise) you have to revise until you want to die (illness).

Or maybe that's just me. I could apply it to plotting too, but it's too painful to even think about.

Candice said...

I think like exercising you have to train yourself to be an "in shape" writer. You have to do a little each day, even when you don't feel like it or you lose your conditioning. Writing takes practice and constant dedication.

Michele Emrath said...

Here it is, my post and my readers' answers:


Girl with One Eye said...

Here is my post:

Voidwalker said...

Sophie: Hey, I asked for it right? lol

Stephanie: Bane does indeed speak wisdom. Hence, my starting out slow.

Michele: Ooh, yay! I'll go look. Thanks for participating.

Elena: Yes I am evil... but why dost thou say that I am evil? :P

Candice: "Little every day," sounds right. Moderation, yet persistance!

GWOE: Woot! I'll go check it out. Thanks :)