Monday, March 8, 2010

Breaking Rank

I know I'm breaking rank here by diverging from my literary posting pulpit, but I had to share with you all my latest purchase. I play a little bit of a few instruments and love to learn anything new that I can. I have been using a mid-range Martin Acoustic guitar for a few years and wanted to try my hand at an electric guitar for a while. I finally purchased a new electric guitar and amp. These are what I purchased.

Ibanez ART 100 Artist Electric Guitar

Line 6 Spider IV amp

I must say, they sound amazing! I am having a blast learning some guitar riffs and trying to get a feel for the lighter touch of the electric.

Just wanted to share.


Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Nice! I always wished I had some kind of musical talent. Have fun with your new toys. :)

DL Hammons said...

That is an awesome guitar! Excellent choice.

And the wife passed the first test as letting you buy it. :)

Voidwalker said...

Karen: Nobody "needs" talent, just practice! :)

DL Hammons: Haha yes, she did. Thanks.