Monday, February 27, 2012

When Red Apples Turn Sour

How long into a book do you allow yourself to go before you realize your idea or novel concept just isn't working?

1,000 words?


I'm at a stopping point in one of my novels and I just feel like it's not coming together... it's around 10k, but I hate to stop. I really enjoy the concept.

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Karen said...

I had the same thing happen several times before I finished my manuscript. But I kept reminding myself that this story was relevent..I'd lived this story...but it just wasn't enough. Finally I amped (ampted?? hmmm)it up, added sleeping pills and a rifle and a bitter scene in a parking lot and all of a sudden it all came together.
Keep trying if you believe in the concept. You have a lot invested. Change something up or add another action scene that takes your characters to a whole new level.
Good luck and keep writing!!