Monday, November 30, 2009

Old Writing

I found this burried deep in the depths of my old writing. I'm not sure what I was going for, but it may have been an attempt at a short story contest or something. Anyway, aside from the grammer problems (yeah, I know I'm terrible) I hope it's somewhat enjoyable.

Here ya go:

Ten seconds felt like eternity to Brandy as she held her grip on the cliff wall. Her heart raced at a dangerous pace, but kept tempo as a surge of adrenaline flew through her body.

“How stupid,” she said to herself as she held tight to the roots jutting out from the cliff wall.

“I knew my love for bugs would get me killed some day; I just figured it would be by a poisonous sting or something,” spoke Brandy as she clawed for a better grip with her other hand. She watched with irony as the beetle, she had leaned over the edge to pickup, crawled along her hand blissfully making its way to a nearby root.

“Shut up Brandy, don’t talk like that,” yelled the young man above her on the cliff’s edge. He fumbled as he took off his belt hoping it was long enough to reach her. “You're gonna be fine, just hold on and stop talking,”

“Why, you afraid my words are going to weigh me down more,” Brandy sarcastically spoke as she glanced over her shoulder to the drop below her. She had never been afraid of heights, but even her nerves of steel were being tested as she hung a few hundred feet from death.

“No, you’re just annoying me, now grab on!” Brian wrapped his end of the belt around his wrist to provide extra support as he dangled Brandy’s salvation in front of her face.

Brandy reached up with one hand and replaced her grip from the root to the belt now hanging in front of her. Slowly Brian lifted with all his strength.

“Geez, could you go any slower Brian,” she asked as she crept up the cliff wall.

“You know,” grunted Brian in between tugs, “I’ve got half a mind to let you go, but then again, I’m no good at lying and I wouldn’t be able to explain my way out of that one.”

Brandy smiled. Even in her current situation, near death as she was, she still appreciated the humor that came from her boyfriend. The two of them had a dynamic that she had never felt before in any relationship. It comforted her as she clenched the belt with all her strength.

“Oh no,” yelped Brian.

“Stop joking around Brian,” chimed the girl as she waited to be lifted, slowly losing her own strength. “Hurry up and pull me, I can’t hold on much longer.”

Nothing was further from the truth, thought Brian as the belt began to slip from his hand suddenly under the pressure of Brandy’s weight.

Without warning, the belt slid out of Brian’s hands and Brandy’s face bore a look of fear as she began falling.

“I love you Brian,” shouted the girl as she plummeted to the rocky floor below. Her body paralleled Brian's spirit as he watched in horror.

It was the first time Brian ever heard those words from her. It was the only time Brandy would say them.


Candice said...

Is this flash fiction or an excerpt from a novel? I like the twist. I didn't expect her to fall.

Voidwalker said...

I'm not familiar with flash fiction, but that sounds like what it was. There isn't any more to it. I think I wrote this little blurb for a possible short work contest, but I honestly can't remember LOL.

Girl with One Eye said...

You don't know about Flashy Fiction? There is a link on my blog and I love it! I flash all the time. It's a blog that gives you random prompts (words, pictures, etc.)and you right a brief story or one liner what ever. Read their 411 first.

Okay, I am done cyberstalking your blog...for today.