Monday, November 30, 2009

Notre Coeur Ensemble

So the Girl With One Eye over at A Squirrel Amongst Lions reminded me that I'm overdue to share some of my old hidden feelings of love. Despite my ex-wife's views on my idea of love, I'm actually a sucker for a good love story. In fact, I've written a good portion of love poems over the years. I don't claim that they are good, but they are what they are. Here is one of the latest poems I wrote for my soon to be bride.

Notre Coeur Ensemble

Along the barren road beyond,
away from all that's well.

Our hearts they ached, destitute,
a loveless hollow shell.

Where "what once was" is just a thought,
and time it plays its game.

Our souls they yearned for something more,
to break us from the pain.

And suddenly aloft our needy thoughts,
a shining ray of light.

Our eyes they met with intense gaze,
love was in our sight.

Now our chains have broken loose,
as we walk off hand in hand.

Our journey now has just begun,
This journey will be grand.


Kasie West said...

Your poem is great. I'm always impressed by novelists who are also poets because I'm so horrid at poetry.

David J. West said...

No relation to Kasie.

That was good, I wasn't going to comment but then I thought about how when I post poetry I get almost no comments-so I wasn't going to do that to you.

I think it really brings something like Kasie said for a novelist to add poetry to their works-good job.

Stephanie Thornton said...

Your bride-to-be is a lucky lady! I had a huge crush on a hockey player in high school because he wrote me poetry. It didn't even have to be good- it made me swoon regardless.

Poetry is difficult and mine is never any good, but I find that just writing it helps me think of creative twists in my novels. Do you find that too?

Voidwalker said...

Kasie: Thanks! I love writing poetry, but since it is all interperative it can be seen in many lights, whether good or bad.

David: I appreciate you dropping me a comment. Thanks for the support. I'll be sure to leave one when you put up your next poem!

Stephanie: Yeah, I think I'm the lucky one in this match, but thanks! If you read my prior post about how I got into writing, it all started by learning poetry to try to impress a girl LOL.

Natalie said...

Poetry is the fastest way to a woman's heart. My husband wrote me several poems when we were dating. I too am impressed by novelists who can also write poetry! I can't write a decent poem to save my life :)

Girl with One Eye said...

Let's see, it's only taken me eight days to get around to catching up on blogs.

Bravo! That was totally beautiful and now I'm sad. More women should be written to like that. It makes their hearts melt. I second Stephanie, lucky lady.

Girl with One Eye said...

"Our Hearts Together," double aw.