Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cast of Trueborn

Inspiration comes in many forms. When I imagine a character in my mind, for a story I'm writing, I tend to look around on the internet to find a picture of a person who mirrors what I imagine. When I do, I use that picture for inspiration to keep my vision clear. So, I just wanted to share some pictures that I found of various people, from a royalty free stock photo site, which represent the major character cast of my WIP: "Trueborn."

My question to you is, "Do you have any odd things like this, that you do, that help you stay on track with your writing."


Stephanie Thornton said...

Hatshepsut doesn't really have a Hollywood starlet as her inspiration. However, I was thinking the other day when another blog asked what star you'd cast as your protagonist. I didn't have an answer then, but I think I'd go with Audrey Hepburn. Not only do I adore her, but her face and body type fit my image of Audrey.

So I'm going to remember that when HBO calls to tell me they want to make my novel into a mini-series!

Voidwalker said...

Nice, although I think Audrey might be unavailable. If you can find a look-a-like to use in place of her, then I think you'd be set!

P.S. I'll root for your mini-series :)

Stephanie Thornton said...

Too bad about that, eh? And if they suggest Jennifer Love-Hewitt (who played Audrey in a movie) I'll scream bloody murder.

Voidwalker said...

LOL... yeah, she's not exactly who I'd cast for a role like that.