Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The 1st Novel

Today's post is simple. It's more of a question really.

If you are an agent, editor, or publisher, here is your question:
Do you believe it is wise for an author to try to pitch his 1st novel after finishing it, or suggest they write a second one to pitch which may be better due to the experience gained from the first one.

If you are a published author, here is your question:
Do you think your first novel was as good, in quality, as your 2nd 3rd etc... If you think your writing/storytelling has gotten better, do you wish you would have saved your first novel's idea for now, now that you have more experience.

If you are an aspiring author, here is your question:
Is the 1st novel you intend to pitch your "BEST" idea, or are you just hoping to get your foot in the door after being published, only to "bring out the good wine" later, so to speak?


Elizabeth McKenzie said...

I'm an aspiring author. I believe the only way to get published is to write your best work first. In answer to a question current blog.

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Thanks for commenting on my blog

Voidwalker said...

Thanks for responding :) As for the answer, I've always thought that, but then I wonder if I'm selling myself short. I believe my first novel is my favorite idea and the one with the most potential, unfotunately, I also know that the more I write, the better I get. I'm considering putting this novel off on old and coming back to it when I'm more polished as an author...

David J. West said...

Don't put it on hold-don't hold off for an idea that doesn't move you as much because the readers will know it.

If you throw your heart and soul into a piece people will feel it and it will resonate with them-that's a secret you want. You want your piece to resonate with the reader.

My first novel (I'm throwing myself in the published author category)should be released in late January-the second on contract in the series is slated for early 2011 and I tell you I am positive it will be an even better book. You learn so much in the editing process that you will be a better writer-you always get better with practice and new ideas will come-don't ever worry that this one idea is all you have. Good writers observe the world around them and new things will spark your imagination and inspire you.

So throw your all into this one that moves you the most and then immeadiatly start your next piece while you still have momentum from the last one and keep it going.

Tori said...

At the moment the novel I am writing is not really one I intend to pitch, not because I don't love it and think it's great, but because I know that it will take me a couple tries to be able to get my foot in the door. Maybe I am not putting enough faith in myself...I don't know. I've just read that a lot of published authors had to write a few books before they wrote something that caught an agents attention.

You mentioned maybe putting your idea aside and working on something else. I say, stick with it. Write what you love, no matter what. You will get better the more you write, we all will. And if this novel ends up not being publishable you could always come back to it when you have more experience.

Jm Diaz said...

Unpublished Author here:

This is my third novel written, and the second I am pitching. Is it my best idea? yeah, so far.. until the next novel that is.

Ash. Elizabeth said...

You'd have to be very, very lucky to get your first novel published. I'm talkin' one in a mil, but hey, maybe you're that one and i'm wrong and you become the next NYT Bestseller.

If not...
Writing is one of those things everyone can continue to learn from. So, don't stop after just one novel.

Voidwalker said...

David: Congrats on your novel by the way! Thanks for the feedback. I'm hearing a lot of people saying to just go it and give it my all. Sounds like solid advice :)

Tori: Thanks for the positive encouragement. I really do want to continue this story. I just thought maybe I should "save the better story for when I can write it better as a novel."

Jim: Thanks for stopping by to comment! I like your attitude. "...until the next novel" lol. Awesome.

Ash: Yes, I am that 1 in a million guy LOL. Seriously though, I'm not going to stop writing. I plan on pitching my first novel, while writing my next one :) Thanks for the feeback!