Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yin's Love

Keeping this post light today, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the encouraging words regarding my upcoming wedding and writing. You all have been so very helpful to me in so many ways and I want to say a thanks. Also, I just wanted to share a poem that I'm submitting to my local college publication's poetry contest. I'm not big on contests, but it doesn't hurt to try right? Here's the poem, titled "Yin's Love."

Ever since my Yang came back,
His face has changed,
His image black.

Where once like me, his every movement lithe,
Fluid in touch,
His soul was alive.

What happened since he went away,
Yang turned aside,
He lost his way.

Though I wanted to follow, I couldn't go along,
I'm simply Yin,
I just wasn't as strong.

Then returning from whence, I asked that he tell,
Yang seemed so different,
Like he'd just escaped Hell.

I was glad he was back, on this I've not lied,
Yet his demeanor seems darker,
It's as if he had died.

And so we've picked up, where once we left off,
I hold up my Yang,
While he stares from aloft.

Yet in its place, where once was a grin,
His passion abated,
As he stares at his Yin.

I'll never let go, despite his look from above,
Every Yang needs his Yin,
And even darkness needs love.


Jonathon Arntson said...

Wow, great post. The love is mutual, your site gives off great energy and I like to see your comments all over the place.

Catherine Denton said...

Great poem. I like the idea of Yin holding up the weary Yang.
Winged Writer

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

Love it! I'm a huge yin yang girl, and it shows in my novels. I'm betting it flows into your work in secret places too.
Congrats on the wedding! :)