Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fight Scene Blog Fest

So, over at Crimson Ink, I was informed that there was a Fight Scene Blog Fest Event. I totally came into it late, but here's a clip from a story of mine. It's in the first draft stages and will probably be getting some re-working, but that's not the point. Here's a short fight scene from my novel, "The Watchers."

“As for the bodies, this is what happens to anyone stupid enough to try to infiltrate Daethia. That’s enough now to satisfy your curiosity. We really shouldn't be out here. Every second we stay here puts us in more da-.”

Suddenly I heard an earth shattering impact and I realized the irony of Devin’s statement.

My eyes froze open wide as I watched in slow motion, Devin flying past me down the side of the hill we were standing on, tangled in the arms of what looked to be a baedra…or was it a drifter?

The creature wrestling him on the way down had a darker shimmering skin. Its face bore a look of anguish, but maintained a distinct humanoid quality. Devin’s own dark skin made it difficult for me to tell where he began and the creature ended. It all seemed so sudden as I watched them roll toward the valley below.

“DEVIN!” I screamed. “Hold on.”

My heart burned inside my chest as I bolted down the hillside after them. They each struggled to gain advantage over the other. It didn’t take me long to catch up and as I ran, I looked around making sure we were alone. I threw myself into the wrestling match, pulling at the creature’s arms with all my strength. I felt that I may as well been pulling on a stone statue. The being was much larger than me and stronger by far. His smooth skin was hot to the touch as I tried to get a good grip to pry him off of Devin.

“Get his stone,” Devin yelled out from underneath his attacker.

I looked in the direction Devin had yelled towards and noticed a bright canary-yellow orb lying on the ground nearby. The assailant, realizing he had dropped his stone, bounded off of Devin and made a quick dash to try to recover his stone before me. He slipped out of my grip, but luckily Devin caught him by the leg and pulled the being back as it clawed toward the ground.


I didn’t waste any more time. I made haste to pickup the orb and as soon as I did, I focused on the stone and the creature it was tied to as I had been taught. The creature, which yelled with frustration, suddenly ceased to move. His voice was full of fire as he demanded to me, “Release me.”

“Do you have him Caz?”

“I think so.”

Devin released his hold and ran over toward me as our attacker stood still, frozen under my command.

“Here, quickly,” He grabbed the yellow stone from me, gripped my arm with his free hand and suddenly we were within Deathia once again.
Devin panted and sat into a crouch.

“We dodged a bullet there Caz. You wanted to see a drifter, there you have it.”


David J. West said...

Cool, how much more do you have written?

Ash. Elizabeth said...

I like it! Too bad I forget about the fight scene blogfest, too. Awell.

Elana Johnson said...

Excellent! Thanks for sharing. :)

Voidwalker said...

David: I've gotten about 6-7 thousand words if I remember correctly. It's a new project for me, to give me a break from "Trueborn."

Ash: You Stinker! Where'd you go? Your link is broken. I've been wondering what happened to you? Glad to know you are still around, I'll have to call back the blood hounds.

Elana: Thank you. This is actually a YA paranormal romance. Oddly enough.

Candice said...

Now I'm curious to know what a drifter is.

Bane of Anubis said...

Nice... and this is a kind of blogfest I can get into -- not that icky kissing stuff :)

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Wow! Excellent tension! Gripping pace. I'm curious about these drifters. Very creepy (but, you know, in a good way). :)

Voidwalker said...

Candice: In my story, drifters are basically rogue spirits, who have their full potential available to them, becauase they've stolen an artifact that is directly tied to their soul/spirit. That's the short and sweet of it.

Bane: I agree. It's somehow more natural for me, but that's a good reason why I tried to do the kissing blogfest, because I'm not comfortable in that area as much. Good practice.

Anonymous said...

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