Friday, December 11, 2009

Day Off

So, yesterday I had a day off. Sorry if I missed anything and for not posting. I was busy trying to catch up on the Christmas shopping and relaxificationing. (I want to coin that word)

In the mean time, it appears that I was given an award. Thanks Diana! (And yes, us boys appreciate blog awards too) I've seen these awards on other bloggers sites and never really knew what they were all about. Ultimately I'm understanding that this blog goes out to people who have, as the award states, one lovely blog. So, per the rules of the award, I'm also supposed to award fellow bloggers. It says 15, but 15 might be a little out of control. So, I'm going to pick 5 people, whos blogs really stand out to me. Here goes my awarding.

1. Lydia @ The Sharp Angle
2. David @ Nephite Blood, Spartan Heart (Cuz, Sword-Slinging can be lovely too)
3. Lynn @ Behler Blog
4. Sophie @ Sophie Playle
5. Natalie @ Natalie Bahm: Wife, Mother, Writer

To all of you who I awarded, thanks for your blogging escapades. I appreciate your advice, quips, tips and quotes. Your blogs inspire me and many others and I hope they will continue to do so for many-a-days to come!


Sophie Playle said...

Oooh! Thanks VoidWalker :)

I feel very privileged. It has been a pleasure reading all your comments on my blog. I'm so glad you have been enjoying reading it :)

Natalie said...

Congratulations and Thank You! You just made my morning :)

Candice said...

Apparently today is your day for awards because I just gave you one too. :)

Voidwalker said...

Sophie: You are welcome!

Natalie: You are welcome as well!

Candice: WOOOOOT. Thanks a bunch! I'm honored :)

Lydia Sharp said...

Thanks! I had a not-so-great week, topped off by a not-so-great day today at my non-writing job (retail...or hell...pretty much the same thing, especially this month). I appreciate the shout out, and the pretty-- er, *lovely* award. :)

David J. West said...

Thanks Voidwalker I appreciate the thought and hope we can help each other out when it comes to writing.

Voidwalker said...

Lydia: You are very welcome and yes, I've worked hell... I mean retail too. I know the feeling.

David: Agreed! I'm glad to have you stopping by and feel free to recommend any fixes if I post any of my work. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats on your award. Cool.

Voidwalker said...

Thanks Charles.

Catherine Denton said...

Way to go on your award, Voidwalker! Is it okay to use "relaxificationing"? I promise to give you credit. ;)

Diana Paz said...

I'm gonna admit it, I didn't know if you'd like getting this but at the very least I figured everyone likes a link :) And your blog IS lovely!